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TML Real Life: The Child Support Process If You’re Unmarried

TML Real Life

TML Real Life: The Child Support Process If You’re Unmarried

Child support can get really tricky, but sis we got you! In this episode of Thank Me Later Real Life, we sit down with Tanya Mitchell Graham, Esq. to share EXACTLY what to do to navigate court-ordered child support. In Part I of this series, we discuss: – What The Department of Child Support Services can do (i.e. establish a child support order and collect it for you) and why it may not be the best first step – The difference between using a government service vs. a private attorney – The information that goes on a child support worksheet – The scenario if you are in one state and the father is in another state – The power of social media to build your child support case – The preparation and focus required when getting started to save time and money, and build a stronger child support case – How to manage expectations on how long the child support process may take (i.e. 6 – 8 months on the short end, but it depends on the level of preparation prior to filing the action) – What factors a judge considers for custody – What to do if you’re concerned about the father fighting for custody during a child support case Learn more about Tanya Mitchell Graham, Esq:

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