TML Real Life: The Child Support Process If You’re Married

Child support can get really tricky, but sis we got you! In this episode of Thank Me Later Real Life, we sit down with Tanya Mitchell Graham, Esq. to share EXACTLY what to do to navigate court-ordered child support. In Part II of this series, we discuss: – The information you should download to prepare for your child support case – How to prepare for getting cut off financially as a result of filing for divorce or child support – The importance of not impacting the children’s lifestyle when filing for child support – Why it’s important to get a child support consultation first (you could currently be receiving more than what the court says you’re entitled to) – The importance of having court-ordered child support (even if you and the father gets along) – Filing a criminal warrant if the father refuses to pay court-ordered child support for 30 days straight Learn more about Tanya Mitchell Graham, Esq: