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TML Real Life: Common Mistakes & What To Do If He Isn’t Paying

TML Real Life: Common Mistakes & What To Do If He Isn’t Paying

Child support can get really tricky, but sis we got you! In this episode of Thank Me Later Real Life, we sit down with Tanya Mitchell Graham, Esq. to share EXACTLY what to do to navigate court-ordered child support. In Part III of this series, we discuss: – Common mistakes that women make when filing, such as letting their child’s father influencer their decisions to file for child support and failing to ask for other expenses, such as education expenses, extracurricular activities, and medical, vision, and dental insurance – Why you should put the money into an account for later on if you don’t need it for current living expenses – Different scenarios of the father not paying court-ordered child support orders, such as he lost his job or he just refuses to pay – How to ask for an “Income Deduction Order” at any time to garnish his checks – Documentation needed to track if he isn’t paying – Why you shouldn’t take cash in a child support case to avoid it being seen in court as a gift – The benefits of The Department of Child Support Services for collection of child support (i.e. suspending driver’s license, professional licenses, passports, etc.) – How you can support the case by documenting that he has the money and the ability to pay, but refuses to (i.e. screenshot social media posts) Learn more about Tanya Mitchell Graham, Esq:

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