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Tanya Mitchell Graham, Esquire
Attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham The PITBULL IN A SKIRT®

For several years, Attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham has been referred to as a Pitbull in a Skirt®  by many of her litigation clients. Finally, in April, 2011, Attorney Graham filed a formal application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark PITBULL IN A SKIRT® for International Class 045 for attorney services. Attorney Graham holds the official trademark for PITBULL IN A SKIRT® as well as the official trademark for  GOLD DIGGER KILLER®


The Law office of Tanya Mitchell Graham, P.C.

This video highlights the grand opening of the new office for TMG, PC, held on December 3, 2016, featuring the new associate attorneys, Cheryl D. Kelly and Demetrius J. Price. Looking forward to continuing to service your legal needs in 2017!